Don't Miss These Three Things When Pursuing Long-Term Disability Claims

There are no top-secret tips for winning long-term disability claims; the process isn't analogous to playing the lottery either. There are specific steps that you need to take and proofs that you need to provide to qualify for the benefits. Specifically, you shouldn't miss any of these three things if you have any hopes of enjoying the benefits:

Regular treatments

By definition, a long-term disability is a health condition that persists for an extended period. If you have such a health conditions, it follows that you will do everything in your power to get well as soon as possible. This usually means going for regular checkups and treatments, as well as following your doctor's instructions.

Therefore, it's difficult to convince the insurer or even the court that you are suffering from a long-term disability if you have stopped going to the doctor or regularly skip your training sessions. Missing your regular treatment sends a message that you are feeling well, and the benefits aren't meant for those who are feeling well. Therefore, don't miss your treatments if you wish to win the benefits. 


As hinted in the introduction, there are specific steps you need to follow when filing for long-term disability claims. Most of these steps have their deadlines that you need to stick to in order to succeed. Missing the deadlines complicates your claim and can easily get it dismissed.

For example, there is a deadline for filing the initial claim and another one for filing an appeal; the appeal deadline is 180 days from the date of the denial. This means you need to make up your mind quickly on whether to appeal or not (do this with the help of an attorney). Otherwise, you might lose your chance.


Lastly, you need to inform your doctor that you plan to file a long-term disability claim; not doing so jeopardizes your chances of winning. This isn't a regulatory requirement, but informing your doctor of your intentions encourages them to be as detailed as possible in your medical records. This is advantageous to you since the strength of your medical records play a huge role in whether you are awarded the benefits or not.

In short, there is no room for error if you want to win your long-term disability claim. Sure, there is a chance for an appeal if your initial claim is denied, but do you want to go through that process again? Consult a lawyer to help you get it right the first time.

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