Why Hiring A Lawyer Doesn't Automatically Scream Trial

Some people automatically equate personal injury lawyers with litigation. This makes them believe that they only need lawyers if they expect their accident cases to proceed to trial. However, an accident lawyer can help your accident case in many other ways besides courtroom battles. Here are some of the things an accident attorney can help you with:

Approximating the Value of a Claim

Guessing the value of a claim is dangerous. On one hand, you risk making an extremely low claim that may leave you with a loss. On the other hand, you can make an absurdly high demand that the defendant can't pay. An attorney will use facts, figures, precedents, and the law to ensure that you are demanding the right amount from the defendant.

Proving That You Deserve the Amount You Are Requesting

The top reason accident cases proceed to litigation is because insurance companies don't agree with the amount the plaintiff demands. Unfortunately, you may fail to convince the insurance company to agree to your demands, even if you are sure you are asking for your case is worth. An accident attorney will know how to package the information (again using the law, available evidence, and comparisons with similar cases in the past) to convince the insurer that it's in their best interest to settle.

Hastening the Claim Process

Anybody who has ever tried to negotiate an injury settlement without an attorney's input will tell you it's not easy. The opposing side may blindside you with complicated legal terms, you may encounter extensive legal procedures, and even the paperwork may be too complex for you to handle. Sure, you may succeed in the long term, but it will take you longer than it would take with the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

Providing You with an Assisting Team

It's difficult to handle injury case, especially if it's complicated, on your own without any assistance even if you don't intend to hire a lawyer. You may need expert witnesses, accident investigators, messengers, or even help to prepare paperwork for your case. it might take you time to get help with those things, but your lawyer already has a team in place to provide the necessary assistance.

In short, there are so many things a lawyer can do for your injury case outside the courtroom. In fact, the earlier you consult an attorney the easier it will be for them to handle your case. Therefore, don't wait for your injury case to hit a snag before consulting a lawyer.

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