Speaking With An Auto Accident Attorney

Being in a car accident is never a good experience. The first thing you should always do is call the authorities. When you are talking to dispatch, if you are feeling any pain whatsoever, tell dispatch that you need medical attention. The body is an amazing thing and in a high stress situation like an auto accident your body will release a lot of adrenaline. This can mask some of the pain, but once it wears off, you could be in a lot of pain. In fact many major injuries start with something small, and snowball into major problems. This is one of the main reasons that hiring a personal accident attorney can be such a great idea. If you need financial aid but receive any kickback whatsoever, you need an attorney. Here are a few things to keep in mind when talking to a personal injury attorney.

Medical History

It is very important that you document any medical care that you receive post accident. Be sure that you keep these records and bring them to the first meeting with the attorney. You will also want to be sure to bring a complete medical history. Often the opposing attorney is going to try to point out that you had existing conditions, but if you have a complete medical history, your attorney is going to be able to strategize a very good case for you and your need for financial aid.

Work History

If you are going to be missing any amount of work, you could become behind on bills. It is important that your attorney understands what you do for work, and what exactly is at stake with your job. If you miss too much work, you could have licensing expire, or lose your job entirely. Your lawyer needs to know where you work and what you do so they can protect your livelihood.


Often when you are looking for financial aid, you will be looking for enough money to cover your bills, and get by. Often people have unrealistic expectations when they are to get medical assistance and financial aid. You should talk with your attorney and come up with the amount of money that you need to live from. If you have a permanent disability due to the accident you need to be able to prove that your disability is debilitating and that you are in need of assistance for the rest of your life.  

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