3 Possible Reasons You Have a Right to Open a Birth Injury Lawsuit

If your baby has suffered an injury after birth, or worse, lost their life during the birthing process, then you may have a birth injury lawsuit on your hands. This is because there are many instances where birth injuries have been the result of medical malpractice. Here are three possible reasons you have a case yourself.

There Was a Failure to Monitor Vital Signs of the Baby: When you go into labor, the vital signs of the baby are going to be recorded. You should be hooked up to a machine that does this. If there is a problem with the monitor that has resulted in the doctor's not being able to determine what the baby's vital signs are, then that's a problem on their end, especially if they hooked up the machine improperly or knew they were using a machine that needed repairs. You definitely have a case on your hands, most likely, if your doctor was not able to determine the baby's vital signs at all times. 

‚ÄčThere Was Improper Use of the Vacuum or Forceps: If there was a problem delivering baby, then your doctor may have moved forward with the use of a vacuum or forceps. Your doctor must be properly trained to use these and know how to use them without harming baby. There are many serious injuries that can be associated with the improper use of these tools, such as brain injuries and facial injuries. If these tools were used and your baby has an injury, chances are you have a case on your hands. 

There Was no Diagnoses of a Medical Problem with the Mother: Throughout your pregnancy, if you have been seeing a doctor, then there should be an accurate account of your health. This means proper tests have been done to determine whether or not there is a medical problem with mom that could lead to a medical problem or injury with baby during labor. If these tests were not performed, then you likely have a case on your hands since OBGYNs know that there are many serious medical issues mom could have that will result in problems with the baby, such as HIV. 

When you know these three possible reasons you have a case, you know when to pursue it and hire a birth injury lawyer. To start the process immediately visit online resources like http://www.snyderwenner.com to connect with a lawyer.

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