3 Things You Need To Know About Disability Benefits

Many people who have some sort of disability wonder if they can get some sort of payment for their disability. This is a federally funded program that helps to give living expenses to people who are unable to work because of a disability. There are many people that apply but not everyone gets benefits. Here are some reasons that people are commonly denied disability benefits.

1. Their Disability Isn't Long-Term

There are some cases where you might be injured, but the injury isn't long lasting. For example, you might have broken your foot at work and need surgery to help it heal. This surgery and healing may keep you away from your job for a couple months. And although this is unfortunate for you, it may not mean you qualify for disability. Disability usually means that you have a more long-term disability that disallows you from working. If you are only out of the work force for a couple months, the government won't step in. This is why it is important to try and have an emergency savings account so that if something like this were to happen you could stay afloat until you can re-enter the workforce.

2. Their Disability Doesn't Preclude Them From Doing Other Jobs

Say that you used to be a dentist and you now have carpal tunnel in your hands so you can no longer practice dentistry. Although this is once again unfortunate for you, it doesn't mean that you get disability. Having carpal tunnel syndrome doesn't mean you can't do any kind of work. You can still teach, find a office job, or work in other related industries that don't require you to work with your hands as much.

People who get disability benefits are usually those who have some sort of disability that makes it incredibly hard for them to do any kind of work. They may not be able to safely leave their house, they might have a mental illness that makes it hard to hold a job and so forth.

3. Their Disability Is Caused By Something They Could Control

Unfortunately, there are people who have disabilities caused by a behavior. For example, if you have a mental illness from extended drug use, you won't be able to get disability. If you are unable to work because of alcoholism or a disease related to excessive alcohol use, you won't be approved.

By understanding these things you can know what your chances are of getting disability. Contact a law service, such as Cohen & Siegel LLP, for more help.

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