How These Three Factors Can Affect Your Pain And Suffering Award

Pain and suffering is an integral part of any personal injury claim. In case your case proceeds to trial, here are some of the factors that will influence how much you receive for pain and suffering:

How Well Other People Like You

Likeability is a measure of how much other people like you, is an underrated personal attribute. There is growing evidence on how much likeability plays a part in how successful people are; indeed, it is one of the traits you need to be successful in the workplace. Those who like you are more likely to give you favors than those who don't like you; this is the case whether they are aware of the fact or not.

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, the more the judge or jury likes you, the more likely they are to give you sizable awards. It may not be the law, but pursuing a personal injury claim is not unlike asking the judge to give you money, and you wouldn't give money to someone you don't like easily. Fortunately, even if you aren't naturally likable with the assistance of your attorney, you can teach yourself to be likable, even if it is for the purposes of the lawsuit alone.

How Consistent You Are With Your Claims

Apart from being likable, you also need to be consistent with your claims if you need to win over those who are presiding over your injury trial. Inconsistency will introduce doubts into the minds of the judge or jury, and once they begin to doubt you, they will begin to see holes in your story, even where there are none.

This means the same story you gave to the police who first responded to the scene of the accident is the same story you should tell your doctor, insurance adjuster, and court. For example, claiming pain on both legs while you were only treated for pain on the right leg will throw your consistency out of the window and introduce doubts in your claim.

How Credible Your Claims Are

Lastly, you need to come across as a believable person. As of now, there is no exact science of determining whether a person is lying or how much pain an injury victim is feeling. The judge, jury, and insurance company will use your words, gauge your actions, size up your court demeanor, and evaluate your past to determine whether you are lying or not. Some of the things that can weaken your credibility include things like having a criminal past, being inconsistent and not being confident in the courtroom.

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