Have A Plastic Surgery Go Terribly Wrong? Talk With A Lawyer About Your Scary Experience

When you undergo plastic surgery because you want something that you don't like about your appearance to be fixed, you don't expect to end up with serious medical problems as a consequence. If you went in to have something changed, like your nose or your breasts, and now you have a serious medical problem like a caved in nose that prevents you from breathing, or a caving chest cavity that requires other surgeries to protect your organs, you want to call a lawyer right away. Talk with the lawyer about these things.

The Type of New Medical Problems You Have

The severity of the medical problems that you now have will impact what type of medical malpractice case you have. If you now need to have more surgeries to fix what was done to you, you need to have emergency surgery, or your life or quality of health is in danger, you could have a case.

Any type of life threatening or altering medical problems directly related to the surgery should be discussed with your lawyer. This is especially true if you have spent days, weeks or longer in the hospital because of a near fatal surgery mishap.

Your Medical Professional's Qualifications

Talk with the lawyer about your medical professional's qualifications to do the surgery. After an investigation, your lawyer will determine if they had the proper types of training to do the surgery that the performed on you, or if they mislead or lied to you about the work that they were capable of doing in the operating room.

Costs Related to the Surgery

Keep detailed information about all the costs that were related to the surgery. This is everything from the appointments leading up to the surgery, to the surgery itself and all post-surgical care. Any other medical expense that was related in result of the bad surgery is also needed. Your lawyer can than get an estimate on the monetary expense that this has cost you.

There are a lot of different things that you have to worry about when you have surgery, but having something about your appearance fixed shouldn't turn into a life-changing or life-threatening situation. Talk with a medical malpractice attorney to talk about what when wrong when you were under the knife, and to talk about what you should do, so you can try to put your life back together and get compensated for the physical, mental and monetary damages.Contact a firm, like R.J. Marzella & Associates, P.C., for more information.

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