Has Your Child Been Hit By A Vehicle? What To Know

It can be devastating to find out that a careless driver hit your child. Children tend to spend a lot of time outdoors and that can make them more vulnerable as they cross streets, walk along roadways, and exit school buses. 

Children Are Owed an Extra Duty of Care

As far as the law is concerned, children hold a special place in civil law. They exist in a protected category that doesn't cover adults. Most adults are familiar enough with vehicle traffic to be careful. Children, however, no matter how many times they are warned, may be impulsive, clumsy, and too busy having fun to pay attention to vehicle traffic.

Children are owed a special level of care. Drivers should expect children to run out in front of them, or to be present in groups. If care is not taken, a child could be hurt. No matter how sorry the driver of the vehicle might be, nothing but time will take away the trauma of the accident on the child and the family that loves them.

When a child has been hit by a vehicle, you must follow a path that leads to compensation. Even when things like money don't feel important at the moment, you could make mistakes after an accident that could later affect your ability to be paid for your child's expenses. You are the one who must act when your child is hit on the street. Follow the below tips to ensure you do the right thing.

What to Do After a Child Injury

It's the call no one wants to get. Be sure you follow these steps below:

  1. Call 911. Don't assume someone else has already done so.
  2. Unless the child has very minor injuries, don't move them. You can comfort them without moving them. If a blanket is available, cover them to help with any shock symptoms. Do not attempt to administer medical aid unless you are professionally trained to do so. If you know how to perform CPR properly and no one else is available, proceed with that.
  3. As you wait for your child to be assessed and treated, gather information. Ask for the contact information of witnesses, the driver, the passengers, etc. Note nearby residences and businesses that have cameras trained on the accident scene.
  4. Take photos of everything at the scene.
  5. Don't speak to the driver about the accident except to get contact information.

Contact a personal injury lawyer. They can add to the above list of tips by warning you not to speak to the driver's insurer under any circumstance.

Contact a local law office, such as Frank Penney Injury Lawyers, to learn more. 

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